Just a few more bits of information we will need during the on-boarding call.

Prepare For On Boarding

The information needed for on boarding is listed below.  Getting ready beforehand will help the on boarding call go smoothly.

On Boarding Call

We will call you to go over the necessary information and help you get any information necessary.

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Rankings and Reviews

Prepare to see your rankings and reviews improve over time.

You are likely to see a significant jump in both the first month, then the reviews will climb each month and the number of keywords you rank for will continue to increase each month.

You should make it to the top for your big phrases in 6 to 9 months!

Business Information


Business Email
Date Founded
Category of Industry
A Single Line Tagline
Products/Services you offer?
Number of Employees
Hours of Operation
1 - 3 Single word tags that describe your business (separate with comma)
Name Address Phone
Cities Served
Languages Spoken
Owner Information
Website Login Link
Website Username
Website Password
Social Media Accounts
Payment Methods Accepted
Link to Logo / Images

Make an owner of your Google My Business Listing (Instructions Here)
Make a manager (Full User) of your Google Search Console Listing (Instructions Here)
Make a manager (Manage Users) of your Google Analytics Listing (Instructions Here)