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Our company's inception was a result of a common trait shared by all great innovations - the desire
to solve a problem. Within the digital marketing industry, the widespread adoption of
pre-packaged plans, unrealistic sales pitches, and subpar outcomes became the status quo.
Fed up with the lack of transparency and substandard work, we made the decision to launch
Local Vortex Media. Our unwavering commitment to delivering genuine, customized solutions to
our clients is a reflection of the same motivation that ignited the creation of our company.



How We Started

As digital marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, so too have the unethical practices of some firms.
Bill was appalled by this trend and wanted to make a change; thus, he determined to create his own company
that would prioritize honesty and data-driven research for all their dealings. He felt it essential that clients
are not sold unnecessary products nor encouraged to overspend on strategies lacking optimization for their needs.
Establishing the foundation of our firm, Bill's mission remains unchanged today: ethical innovation through honest
service delivery.

Despite the intricate nature of digital marketing, Bill strived to serve as a model for others and established a company
culture focused on transparency and sound decision-making. Here at Local Vortex Media, we collaborate with our
clients closely to gain a deep understanding of their objectives and situations. At Local Vortex Media, our goal
is to support local entrepreneurs in achieving their objectives by creating customized marketing plans that are
individually tailored according to the customer's business background and industry. Additionally, we provide customers
with reliable, actionable guidance based on an extensive understanding of their company. Our mission statement
centers around principles of excellence and integrity as we strive for client success each step of the way.

Let's Work Together

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of converting visitors into loyal customers?
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